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Why Train With Neil OC Performance?

Why train with Neil OC?

15 years' elite level experience.

Neil's deep understanding of strength, conditioning, movement and recovery has allowed him to work with athletes and professionals from all walks of life.

"From pro boxers to professional chefs, each client is unique and requires me to draw on different skills to deliver their goals."


Sessions tailored to you.

Neil will take the time to understand your training history and your goals, before designing a program that is unique to you. Your program will continue to adapt as your fitness improves so that you keep achieving maximum results.

He also has the skills to vary your in-person sessions depending on what your body needs on the day – whether it’s strength and conditioning, a sports massage or a mobility session.

Being fit transforms your life.

Improved energy, confidence, sleep quality and movement are just a few of the big benefits of being fit.

Check out our blog for our latest fitness adventures and get inspiration for your next fitness challenge.

Tried and tested.

We know our method works because we follow it too!

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Training to suit your schedule.

We’d love to see all our clients regularly in the gym, but we know that’s just not realistic for many people. That’s why Neil delivers personal training in the gym, online, or a combination of the two, to suit your timetable and training needs.

Check out our Rates to see the different options of how to train with us.

Learn the right way to train.

Your sessions are designed to get you fit, but they should also be an education in fitness.

"One of the great benefits of the training options is that they offer a natural progression for my clients as they gain a good understanding of how to train themselves. Many start with personal training and build the confidence to transition to an online program."

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